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Power and New Energy

Shaping the Future of Energy
Dubai World Trade CentreGoogle map
‪10:00-18:00 12 Jun. 2024 - 14 Jun. 2024‪
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About the expo

New Energy UAE-Shaping the Future of Energy

Welcome to New Energy UAE! We are the driving innovation, collaboration and growth in the energy industry. As one of the most important platforms in the region, we bring together the world's leading energy companies, technology providers and industry experts to bring you the latest energy solutions and business opportunities.We covers electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid and other fields, and provides participants with opportunities for in-depth communication, cooperation and learning forums and business matching activities. Our mission is to advance the development of sustainable energy and drive the energy transition for a cleaner, efficient and sustainable energy future. Join us to explore innovative technologies, share industry insights, and build meaningful business relationships with industry leaders. Looking forward to meeting you at New Energy UAE!

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1.I am very impressed by New Energy UAE! There are many exhibitors. It provides me with an opportunity to fully understand the latest developments and trends in the power energy industry. I had meaningful exchanges and discussions with a wide range of industry experts, gaining valuable insights and business opportunities
2.As a professional buyer, I am very satisfied with the organization and arrangement of New Energy UAE. The professional quality is high. This has attracted a lot of attention and partnership opportunities for our products and solutions
3.New Energy UAE has provided me with a platform to learn about the latest technologies and innovative solutions. I participated in some high-quality forums and seminars, and got an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and developments in the industry. The organization and content are very exciting and left a deep impression on me
4.New Energy UAE has great value and business opportunities. I have had face-to-face discussions with various potential partners and have reached some important cooperation agreements. In addition, I also visited some innovative product displays, which provided new ideas and inspiration for our business development
5.I am very satisfied with the professionalism and content diversity of New Energy UAE. It covers power generation, renewable energy, energy storage and other fields, and showcases the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions in this industry. I met many industry leaders , and their insights and experiences inspired me a lot, giving me confidence in the future development of energy

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